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Welcome To Community Guidelines |D4doffers friendly and relaxed community. It is also a huge community with over 50,000 members! In order to keep it safe, we need to have a few ground rules to make sure people are comfortable hanging out here. Remember


  • Do not use abuses, swearing or strong language in your posts
  • Do not post anything that could be considered libelous or defamatory.
  • Do not post messages which support or condone any illegal activities, such as drug use, piracy, or warez.
  • Do not create topics or posts that criticize,(If you wish to make a complaint against another D4doffers member, please use the “Report Abuse” form on the Contact page.)
  • Do not post any explicit content which violates All traditions and customs
  • Do not respond to people who post something insulting or who are “trolling” – instead, just ignore them and they will go away.
  • If you are not interested in a topic or think someone is asking a silly question, just move onto another post instead of insulting or mocking them. Irrelevant posts will be deleted
  • Do not bring personal disputes onto the site
  • Finally, think before you post! You are responsible for what you post so before you hit enter, ask yourself if this is something you would say to someone in real life.

If any of the rules guidelines are broken, either intentionally or by accident, our moderators will either edit or remove your post. You can help us keep D4doffers a friendly place by reporting abuse and spamming by going to the “Report Abuse” form on the Contact page.